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He stops, freezing in place, staring blindly towards the guests. 
The photographer snaps several photos of him
but the popping flashbulb doesn't make him react.
Sherlock’s fingers loosen slightly and his champagne glass
slips out of them and begins a very slow-motion tumble towards the floor.
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I had  w i n g s once, and they were  s t r o n g. They could carry me above the clouds and into the headwinds, and they never faltered. Not even once. But they were stolen from me.

I imagined him differently.
Better or worse?


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Chris Evans is a hopeless romantic. In his directorial debut, Before We Go, he stars as a guy who has one epic night of love in NYC. “We’ve all had something so personal and romantic that’s too hard to explain”, he said. - InStyleMagazine

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'And who are you,' the proud lord said, 'that I must bow so low?
Only a cat of a different coat; that’s all the truth I know.’

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Svalbard in color
Kimmo Savolainen | behance | flickr | facebook | TUMBLR

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Why I did the colored version for this pic?
Well I had to use Photoshop for the first time in my life and… I sucked lol
Practicing with Photoshop yeah, I have no idea how use it yet.

Original sketch here: X

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